The Fight for Freedom
The Eagle’s Gift
The Path of Knowledge
A Path with a Heart
The Warrior’s Secret
The Four Natural Enemies

Becoming a Warrior
Erasing Personal History
Losing Self-Importance
Death as an Advisor
Assuming Responsibility
Your Last Battle is Now

Learned Reality
First Ring of Power
Second Ring of Power
The Internal Dialogue
Inner Silence
The World

The Way of the Warrior
Having to Believe
Controlled Folly
Unbending Intent

The Sorceror’s Explanation
The Tonal
The Nagual
Treating the Tonal
Cleaning the Tonal
The Façade of Self-Pity
The Human Form

Hunting For Power
Setting Up Dreaming

PART TWO (coming soon)
Will cover such main topics as the mastery of awareness, the assemblage point, commanding intent, the inorganic beings or allies, the wheel of time, and more…

PART THREE (planned)
The Art of Dreaming
The Art of Hunting