A man of knowledge develops another ring of power. I would call it the ring of not-doing, because it is hooked to not-doing. With that ring, therefore, he can spin another world. Your difficulty is that you haven’t yet developed your extra ring of power and your body doesn’t know not-doing. We all have been taught to agree about doing. You don’t have any idea of the power that that agreement brings with it. But, fortunately, not-doing is equally miraculous, and powerful.

The concealed advantage of luminous beings is that they have something which is never used: intent or will. The maneuver of shamans is the same as the maneuver of the average man. Both have a description of the world. The average man upholds it with his reason; the shaman upholds it with his will. Both descriptions have their rules and the rules are perceivable; but the advantage of the shaman is that intent is more engulfing than reason.

You must learn to let yourself perceive whether that description is upheld by your reason or by your will. That is the only way for you to use your daily world as a challenge and a vehicle to accumulate enough personal power in order to get to the totality of yourself.

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