For reference, the original books in the Carlos Castenada series are:

of don Juan (1968)

A Separate Reality (1971)

Journey to Ixtlan (1972)

Tales of Power (1974)

Second Ring
of Power (1977)

The Eagle’s Gift (1981)

Fire From Within (1984)

Power of Silence (1987)

Art of Dreaming (1993)

Magical Passes (1998)

Active Side of Infinity (1999)

Wheel of Time (2000)

Information from all these books has been used to create this summary. The notable exception here is Magical Passes, which is primarily an instructional manual in the series of magical passes used by the shamans for developing intent and contains only a little new information. I do highly recommend learning them – you will be pleasantly surprised as I was to the difference to your physical and energetic well-being! But you may find it much easier to learn from the series of Tensegrity DVDs created for this purpose rather than from the book form.

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